Drivers’ Professional Development Plan

Our Drivers’ Professional Development Plan (PDP), consisting of monthly CPD accredited Toolbox Talks, has been created by specialists in commercial transport to help drivers think better, drive well, control costs and contribute to public safety. But what is a Road Skills Online Toolbox Talk? Why have we structured the PDP in the way we have? And what topics do we cover in the programme? Here we answer all of those questions and more.

What is an RSO Toolbox Talk?

With our Toolbox Talks, we’ve tried to mimic what you might look to achieve in a short sit down session with your drivers, albeit completely online. To keep their attention and ensure maximum knowledge retention, our Toolbox Talks are no more than 20 minutes long and cover just three key learning points a month. Using images, onscreen text and a voiceover, we look at each topic from several perspectives, so your drivers understand and buy into the importance of positive behaviour.

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Learning Point: The law

It is illegal and dangerous to use a hand-held mobile phone while driving - you could lose your licence and your job.


Learning Point: Distractions

Even using a hands-free phone causes a distraction - always stop in a safe location before calling.


Learning Point: Reaction times

Taking your eyes off the road, just for a split second, can have serious consequences in an emergency situation.

The online Personal Development Plan for drivers is brilliant

Mark McNamara - FORS Coordinator & Driver - Road Planing Supplies

Higher risk - higher priority

The higher the risk the sooner our PDP addresses it, with high-frequency high-severity topics like mobile phones and speed awareness coming at the start, and things like effective teamwork following on. 

Here’s how the PDP is structured:


The first year of our PDP starts with a focus to minimise risks to the public, your business and the driver. Each Toolbox Talk identifies the problems that cause the risk, what the consequences are and how to reduce them. 


The second phase of our PDP focuses on compliance and the law. We look at what the requirements are, the consequences of not complying and how drivers can make sure they stay on the right side of legislation.

Performance & cost control

Next, we look at driving performance and controlling costs, again explaining why it’s important, the consequences of poor performance and how to keep at the top of their game.

Personal health & well-being

The transport sector is notorious for poor health and well-being, with poor diets, lack of exercise and sleep causing all manner of issues. In this part of our PDP, we give some practical solutions to get your drivers moving and trying to lead healthier lifestyles. 

Business Profitability

Finally, we look at the importance of running a profitable business and how poor performance affects everyone. We get into everything from effective teamwork and customer service through to how a company actually works.

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Our PDP in detail

Here's what you can expect your drivers to learn about.

  • Mobile Phones
  • Speed Awareness
  • No Convoys
  • Driving in Bad Weather Conditions
  • Driving On-Premises
  • Working Around Vehicles
  • Driving at Work
  • Vulnerable Road Users
  • Fitness to Drive
  • Security & Counter-Terrorism
  • Highway Code
  • Annual Review
  • Tackling Emissions
  • Daily Walkaround Check
  • Manoeuvering & Reversing on the Road
  • Use of Vulnerable Road User (VRU) Equipment
  • In-Vehicle Communication Devices
  • Driving Techniques
  • Driver's Role And Responsibilities
  • Collision Procedures
  • Drivers' Hours Law
  • Safe Loading
  • Health & Well-being
  • Annual Review
  • Advanced Driving is about Thinking
  • Environmental Driving
  • Bridge Strikes
  • Rural Road Driving
  • Sharing the Road
  • Post Collision Procedures
  • Lifestyle, Fitness and Health
  • Customer Service
  • Vehicle Flow
  • Team Work
  • How a Fleet Business Works
  • Annual Review

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Content customisation

Our CPD accredited PDP has been designed to meet the requirements of most businesses, but we understand that some customers may want to adjust the content we deliver. If you’re interested in using a smaller selection of our Toolbox Talks for a specific purpose or would like to explore uploading your own content to our platform, please visit our content customisation page.


Case Study

Austin Wilkinson

Austin Wilkinson & Sons Ltd. is a general haulier running a fleet of 30 vehicles out of its depot in Atherton near Wigan. Founded in the 1950s, it is a second-generation family business that has grown organically over the years – based upon an ethos of providing reliable haulage services to its customers. More recently, it has become an owner-partner within the Pall-Ex network providing nationwide palletised delivery services.