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What is the Number 1 FORS Problem?

In a recent survey FORS Operators told us that their No.1 Problem in delivering their FORS D4 Professional Development Plan to their drivers is “finding time to talk with the drivers in a way that will meet the audit!” Relax, if you work in transport, your drivers D4 PDP is now available 24/7 from Road Skills Online for instant access from any internet connected device.


Hundreds of companies, similar to your own, and thousands of drivers have passed their FORS audit with the Road Skills FORS PASS system. This content has now been put Online to save you time and give your drivers consistent content that’s trackable with instant access to their Professional Development Plan.

Your FORS D4 Professional Development Plan for all of your drivers.
Done for you, right here!

How does it work?

Our online professional development plan will help you meet the FORS D4 requirements. Setup your company, add your drivers to your account and the system will email them an invite and inform them each month when new Toolbox Talks are available.

Easy to use online learning tool

Easy to use online learning tool

Drivers can log in any time, watch the monthly Toolbox Talks and take a short test, no need for you to take your drivers off the road

Meet the FORS D4 requirements

Meet the FORS D4 requirements

Our course of Toolbox Talks will give your drivers the correct level of professional development training to meet the FORS D4 requirements

See how your drivers progress

See how your drivers progress

Administrators can track the progress of drivers online at any time. See who is progressing and identify where additional training is needed

What do our customers say?

'It’s Brilliant! It’s taken one big worry off me.'

Keeping up to date with a continuous, consistent Professional Development Plan was a nightmare. It’s given me control of our PDP, saving me time and providing quality relevant training.

Robin Wells, MD - Direct Chemicals Ltd

'This training solution is a great way to deliver our continued professional development plan training'

This online training is a great way to deliver our professional development plan training. It’s saving me so much time and hassle. It’s an efficient and consistent way to deliver our continuous PDP TBTs and our Drivers like it. After completing my first year with Road Skills’ PDP Training I signed up for year two without hesitation as it does exactly what it says on the tin.

Chris Wells - Director - Mtec Warehousing Ltd

'Road Skills are so professional'

The Professional Development Plan online training is brilliant – it gives everyone enough time to let the learning points sink in and it’s so easy to use. I can’t imagine not relying on Road Skills services to maintain our FORS and highly recommend them to other companies.

Carl Roberts - George Roberts & Son

'We have signed up for year two of the PDP and would highly recommend the training to other companies'

It’s been so easy to implement and saves me a lot of time and hassle. It was great at the FORS Bronze audit, as we used the Admin Dashboard as our evidence for the continuous part of our D4 Professional Development Plan.

Kelly Burton - Projects Assistant - Gramm Barrier Systems Ltd

'This training will certainly help me time wise'

I have logged on and started the training myself. I’m impressed and think the learning points and the 5 questions are just right, so well done to your team. This training will certainly help me time wise.

Graham Wood - Operations Manager - C Soar & Sons

'The online training is working well'

The test at the end of each Toolbox Talk means the Drivers pay attention to the learning points, taking in the training much better than when they just read a TBT or when we discuss a specific TBT subject.

Vicky Loather - Assistant Transport Manager - Modern Plant Hire Ltd

'I give it a 10/10 for ease of use and content'

I did the training on a tablet. It is user friendly, well laid out, self-explanatory and engaged me for the full time. It helps to keep me on track, I give it a 10/10 for ease of use and content.

Greg Wood - Driver - Specialist Glass Products

Our online platform is specifically designed to provide all of your drivers with an ongoing programme of Toolbox Talks to progress their professional development plan without the need to take them off the road.

David Somers Managing Director, Road Skills
Helping you with FORS

Helping you with FORS

We are acknowledged as experts in successfully taking operators through the FORS process and ensuring they retain their Bronze status or build on with Silver and Gold.

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