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It’s no secret that bridge strikes are costly for everyone involved – with Network Rail, operators, drivers and the public all losing out. In 2022 Network Rail reported over 1800 incidents (that’s 5 a day!) and estimates the total annual cost to be more than £20m – so understandably, reducing bridge strikes is a high priority for the Traffic Commissioner.

Don’t assume your drivers know how to avoid a bridge strike. Help them to think more about working processes to avoid the worst case scenario with our DVSA Recognised and CPD Standards Office accredited Toolbox Talk.

Play your part and reduce the risk of bridge strikes

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How a bridge strike impacts you and your drivers

  • Drivers can expect to be called before a public hearing and may face a period of suspension
  • If the Traffic Commissioner believes the bridge strike is due to negligence or inadequate training, owners and transport managers may be summoned too
  • For serious transgressions, your Operator Licence could be revoked
  • The police will prosecute your driver for the Bridge Strike offence which could mean losing a driver

Playing our part to reduce the risk of bridge strikes

To play our part in the campaign to reduce the number of bridge strikes, we’re offering our ‘bridge strike’ e-learning toolbox talk to you free of charge – here’s how to get it:

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