Things to Remember When Driving In Fog

With changes arising from low pressure to high pressure the met office has been warning us about the increase in likelihood of foggy conditions.

Fog and mist can descend quickly causing havoc. A perfect example of this is the Sheppey Bridge incident which involved 130 vehicles in 2013.

Things to Remember  

  • On approaching fog check your rear mirror and brake gently to let the car behind know you are reducing your speed as you enter the fog, both reducing your risk of being hit from behind and reducing your risk of having a collision with a slow moving vehicle already in the fog

  • Drive slowly – reducing your risk of a collision with a vehicle ahead being driven slowly

  • Use dipped headlights as they do not cause false shadows or dazzle the driver in front

  • If using fog lights where you “feel” you are the only vehicle on the road, switch them off immediately when visibility improves

  • Fog lights also dazzle drivers behind and can prevent your brake lights from being seen when braking is necessary

  • Do not tailgate leave a good distance behind you and the car in front. We sometimes feel it’s “comforting” to see the car in front’s lights – but this can reduce our vigilance and does reduce our stopping distances, increasing our likelihood of a collision

  • Wind your window down to enable you to “hear” and “feel” what traffic is about, this is more challenging now with electric engine vehicles

  • Use wipers and air conditioning to keep windows clear

  • Be wary of speeding up too soon when fog clears – it’s often in patches and you could find yourself back in heavy fog only moments later


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