Our eLearning Is Now Accredited by the CPD Standards Office

We are excited to announce that following the recent assessment by the CPD Standards Office, our driver Professional Development Plan (PDP) is now formally recognised as 4 hours of CPD training for each year of eLearning completed.

Professional Development in the freight transport sector is being recognised by more and more companies as an effective way to reduce costs, minimise collisions and improve road safety, however, finding time to sit down with drivers is harder than ever.

Our PDP takes the hassle of professional development away from operators, with our innovative eLearning platform delivering monthly, industry-recognised Toolbox Talks direct to drivers at a time of their choosing.

The 36-month programme prioritises common high-risk topics first so as to minimise those risks as quickly as possible into everything from personal health and wellbeing through to customer service and teamwork. Alongside the numerous cost and safety benefits of an on-going programme of PDP, it provides a tick in the box for a number of industry standards and accreditations such as FORS D4, S5 and G5 and DVSA Earned Recognition Section 7.2, not to mention O Licence compliance.

The CPD Standards Office works to improve the standard of Continuing Professional Development (CPD) provision across all industry sectors and their accreditation is universally recognised as a mark of high-quality training.

We work very hard to ensure the content of our Toolbox Talk learning points are rich in relevant content to provide maximum value to both companies and drivers embarking on their PDP. It is an exciting step forward to have our content approved by the CPD Standards Office.

We’re confident you’ll be impressed by this 21st Century approach to an industry-wide issue. By delivering a regular programme of Toolbox Talks to your drivers, you ensure that they remain focused on driving safely and keeping on the right side of the law.

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For more information on CPD SO visit www.cpdstandards.com