What’s the #1 FORS Problem?

In a recent survey, FORS Operators told us their #1 problem in delivering their FORS D4 Professional Development Plan to their drivers is “finding time to talk with the drivers in a way that will meet the audit!” Relax, if you work in transport, your drivers D4 PDP is now available 24/7 from Road Skills Online for instant access from any internet connected device.

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Having participated in the evolution of the FORS standard since its inception, Road Skills are acknowledged experts in successfully taking operators through the FORS accreditation process and ensuring they retain their FORS status.

Why choose Road Skills?

  • 36 module, pulsed training released monthly
  • Meets the PDP requirements of the FORS D4 Bronze
  • Generates evidence for company FORS audits
  • Online 24/7 access from any internet enabled device
  • Accessible format with voiceover and sub-titles
  • Discounted subscriptions for FORS members
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Invest in Your Drivers

Save Time. Save Money. Save Lives.

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