How we can all help

We have prepared this short Toolbox Talk that you are free to watch, download and share with your staff and drivers.
Let’s all do what we can to minimise the risk of spreading any virus.

Click here to download this video and feel free to share it (8m 45s – 77mb)

Download and print

Our safety posters are designed to help re-enforce safety messages to your drivers.
Why not download this, print it out and put it up around your workplace to remind everyone of their responsibilities.

How we can help your business

We offer monthly bite-sized online driver training

Would a progressive way of training your drivers without having to get them all in one place at the same time would be useful to you and your business? If the answer is YES, you will find our training programme of interest. Why not sign up for a demo to see if it would work for you. Below we have included our first ToolBox Talk so you can have a look at what our courses look like. Please click each of the three learning points below to preview the training material.

Mobile Phones: Avoiding Collisions

Many people use a mobile phone when driving, mostly hands-free – but we still see drivers who can’t resist the temptation to use their hand-held mobile phone – why is that? Often it’s simply that “I’ve done it before and it was OK” or “it’s only a quick call”. However, when things go wrong the regret can last forever. Even using a hands-free phone is a distraction, causing the most careful of drivers to take their eyes off the road ahead. In this Toolbox Talk we take a look at the law surrounding the use of mobile phones while driving, best practice for avoiding distractions and the effect of being distracted if you are involved in an emergency situation.


Learning Point: The law

It is illegal and dangerous to use a hand-held mobile phone while driving - you could lose your licence and your job.


Learning Point: Distractions

Even using a hands-free phone causes a distraction - always stop in a safe location before calling.


Learning Point: Reaction times

Taking your eyes off the road, just for a split second, can have serious consequences in an emergency situation.

Why not also download our Mobile Phone Use safety poster.


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